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Every year, we develop and introduce new equipment according to customer needs and can develop customer-specific production lines.
The company currently has more than 30 sets of independently developed automatic mechanical terminal lugs production equipment and more than 20 sets of lug screws automatic production equipment, implementing fully automated production processes. 
Our main machines are Aluminium column production machine; 
cold heading machine; automatic feeding machine; automatic wire rolling machine; laser engraving machine; polishing machine; sandblasting machine; automatic burr removal machine; terminal assembly machine; automatic washing machine.


Our Quality Control and Assurance Process include:

  • Inspection of Raw Material.
  • Statistical Manufacturing Process Control.
  • Quality Testing or Inspection or Production.
  • Final Inspection and Delivery.

Our Testing and Inspection Equipment :

To provide high-quality products confirming International Standards is our Quality Policy. We Maintain consistency in Product Material Choice, Product Design, Product Standards, Manufacturing Process, Inspection, Package, and Delivery.

Quality Standards - We are Certified to ISO9001 Quality Management Standards to measure quality management systems. From raw materials to finished products, all the processes as requested ISO9001.
Material - We only selected approved and quality-capable suppliers and used them to deliver the finest quality and UL and RoHS-compliant products.
Machine – Our company has modern fully automatic production equipment, and measuring and inspection equipment to produce the highest quality products as per customer drawings and samples。
Method – We test raw materials and confirm them with samples. Our quality assurance team intensively examines each product during manufacturing to meet the zero-defect goal.
Packaging and Delivery – We support the packaging requirements of various international shipping standards to ensure that the goods will not be damaged, broken, or worn during transportation.


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